• New Commercial FM Programming Non-Duplication Rule Goes Into Effect on August 2, 2024
    by Paul J. Feldman

    The FCC recently announced that August 2, 2024, is the effective date of its newly reinstated programming non-duplication rule for commercial FM stations. As we have previously noted here, that rule, which was reinstated in a June 2024 Reconsideration Order, prohibits commonly owned or operated commercial FM stations with overlapping service contours from duplicating more...… Continue Reading

  • FCC Received Petition for New FM Broadcast Station Class
    by Travis Andring

    On June 20,  the FCC released a Public Notice announcing a June 13 Petition for Rulemaking  submitted by Commander Communication Corporation (“Commander”) to create a new FM station class “A10.” In its Petition, Commander proposed a new FM class with operating parameters of maximum of 10,000 watts effective radiated power (ERP) and 100 meters height...… Continue Reading

  • Partial Return of the Radio Duplication Rule
    by Daniel Brown

    Continuing its progression of reversals, the FCC announced on June 5, 2024 that it would once again reinstate section 73.3556 of the Commission’s rules (the “Radio Duplication Rule” or “Rule”) for commercial FM stations.  The Radio Duplication Rule does not apply to noncommercial educational stations nor AM stations.  As some of our readers might recall,...… Continue Reading

  • FCC Amends and Clarifies Foreign Sponsorship ID Requirements
    by Travis Andring

    On Monday of this week, the FCC issued a Second Report and Order amending and clarifying its rules concerning the disclosure of foreign sponsorship of programming.  Amidst growing concerns regarding the potential influence of Russian, Chinese, and other foreign governments on recent U.S. elections, the FCC implemented new rules in 2022 requiring broadcasters to conduct...… Continue Reading

  • FCC Announces Lift of Channel Change Freeze for Class A Television, LPTV, And TV Translator Stations
    by Daniel Brown

    The FCC has announced that the current freeze on major modification to Class A television, LPTV, and TV translator stations will be partially lifted to allow applications to change channels as of August 20, 2024, subject to certain limitations.  Channel change applications will be permitted on a nationwide basis without geographic limitation.  For the limited...… Continue Reading

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